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Best consulting strategies for small businesses

What are the best consulting strategies for small and medium sized businesses? This is the question I asked myself when I decided to take the dive and move to Panama in order to start my own company.

Sure it is a different market than up north but the questions remain the same. I researched countless hours in order to find solutions to my questions. As any business owner knows, the start-ups are the hardest part. I have come to the conclusion that some of the best consulting strategies that a small or start-up company can make are the following:

  • Problem solving: I learned this the hard way. I though getting started was going to be easy as pie, well I was in for a surprise. Once I opened my door for business, I was flooded with problems. Some problems that I had no clue about, for this reason one of the most important things you can do in a small business is to sit down with your team and consultants and talk about possible problems that might arise and how you will handle them. This seems like it is not important but it will save you much grief down the road. Have a plan before getting started!
  • Brainstorm the market you cater: Most customers don’t buy from a store because they are less expensive or because they think the product is better (although sometimes that’s the case). They become repeat customers once they feel satisfaction as a client, once they feel they are getting valued it does not matter if your products are more expensive than the competition, they will always come back because you’ve established that relationship. This is why brainstorming into how to cater to your niche or target market is one of the best consulting strategies you can have for a small business
  • What is success to you?: The reason why this is an important consulting strategy is because of a simple fact. If you don’t know your goal, you will never get there. You must establish what is success in your book? How will you get there and how will you maintain your success in order to grow? Have this point very clear and your small business will thrive.
  • Marketing and Publicity: Back in the old days big names and popular products grew in popularity from word of mouth. There wasn’t a platform from which small business owners could reach thousands of people with the reach of a mouse. You must use this tool and market your company, create an image and stand by it. Trust me, once you have a loyal client more will follow. Concentrate on how to establish value for your customer through your marketing campaigns. Convey that you are not trying to make a sale, you are trying to build a relationship.

I have been running my business for the past 5 years, and there is always ups and downs. The hardest lessons are always the best. Through trial and error I have concluded that these are some of the best consulting strategies you can have for you small and medium business. So get out there and make your dream a reality!